Your soul is speaking.
It’s time to listen.

This is where you remember you – who you were before the responsibilities, the heartaches, the supposed-to’s, the stress of daily life. You have a well of peace inside you – a peace that can offer clarity, stillness, trust, and infinite love. Let’s find You, the real you – what are you waiting for?

These times we’re in. I mean…really? Did you ever imagine you’d be sitting here at home, mid global pandemic, remote learning/teaching kids, working from home, trying to remain sane, and having exactly zero quiet time? Maybe you did, but chances are…you did not. If you are feeling alone – lonely in your worries and fears, your frustrations, your inability to catch your breath – don’t. 

If there’s a quiet voice inside getting increasingly louder, one who whispers “You deserve more joy…it’s time to lighten your load” but it all feels too distant, if you feel lost in a search for clarity – remember this again – You are not alone. For so many of us, these times have unearthed new feelings, new desires, an inability to be anything but our most authentic selves. And with that, we might be feeling confused about next steps and HOW to take up space in our new lives.

So. Here is what I know. In this time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure. You are more loved and more radiant than you think. You can step into your power with clarity, wisdom, and confidence. It’s time and you’re ready.

You’ve imagined living a more heart-centered life based on flow and inspiration but haven’t had clear steps as to how.

You know life isn’t meant to feel quite so heavy, that once upon a time you laughed more frequently, that there is more to a day than this.

And so I welcome you here. Here is where you find permission to live from heart, to rediscover joy, to navigate a fulfilling life based on the authentic YOU. 


I’m Catherine Keating, Mother, Author and Intuitive Guide.

Here we are, in the strangest of times. Motherhood was anxiety provoking as it was, and then we got smacked with a global pandemic that erased all we thought we knew and asked us to go even deeper.

Some of us have withered, some of us have thrived, all of us have experienced more emotions that we thought possible. For many of us, this time has brought certain shadows to light, made it impossible to ignore the little signs that something is slightly off. Many of us have found ourselves itching to step into something just a little bit more. 

We’ve learned that surface level isn’t enough, that what we think we know might not be the entire story, that there is immeasurable value in vulnerability, surrender, and finding a peace deep within – no matter what is happening around us.

We want to be a little more grounded, a little more aligned, a little more light-filled, a little more soul-centered. We don’t want to pretend we are ok just as is, we want to be all the things. But how do we enter that sacred space more often? How do we connect to the root of our souls on any ordinary day?

In silence, in stillness, inside our intuition. 

Over the years as a HSP navigating a not very sensitive world, I have developed a strong intuition that I allow to guide me. I engage in daily practices to keep me aligned with my truth, integrity, and heart. I’m a writer, yoga instructor, mother, wife, and seeker of all things beautiful. During these strangest of times my intuitive practices have been my saving grace – the gratitude I hold for being able to access quiet + calm is immeasurable.

Dropping into peace is possible. A whole heart is possible. I know, for me, true self-care isn’t about self-improvement, but self-compassion. 

And I know this for you too.

It’s time for you to find that compassion, grace, and kindness within yourself.

For a long time we’ve spoken about self-care as though it’s something we have to go out and do. Something outside of us. But the reality is, when we pull back all the layers, self care comes down to how kindly we care for our hearts. How tenderly we hold our own souls. How nourishing we are to our whole beings. Self-care isn’t a thing to do, but an internal way of being. It comes when we are calm, nurtured, and secure.

Love, it’s time to transform your overwhelm into confident radiance. I want you to meet this new life with wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. I want you to feel the power of your intuition. I spent years walking a thin line between anxiety+depression and a soulful, joyful connection to the Universe. Those years taught me strategies to support my health on many levels, and it’s coming in handy now. If you want to access your intuition, if you want to find your joy – but you don’t know where to begin – I’m your girl.

How I Can Support You

The expansive inner growth that came during Covid quarantine taught me many things – one being that my journal practice has been offering me more than a simple release of emotions. For quite some time, my sacred practice of dropping into my journal and losing myself into my writing has been a portal to something outside myself. Call it what you will – consciousness, spirit, divine intuition, channeled writing, whatever resonates with you. Trusting my intuition and journaling practices have allowed me the space, clarity, and centered heart to live a truly joyful life. I’ve also learned to access deeper wisdom through other means like the Akashic Records, energy reading, meditation, and using my body’s sensitivity as a beacon for guidance.

If this sounds like something you could use, book your individual clarity session to receive words of wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love from a presence bigger than our own. Allow yourself to step away from the daily grind and the constant uncertainty of these times to remember your truest self. Reconnect with your true nature, your deepest, most original self – the spark of light – the essence of pure, uninhabited Love within you. It’s you, it’s in you, it’s here for you.

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