Welcome – I am so glad you are here. My guess is that you’ve been through some ( a lot!) of changes these past few years…me too. Our whole world has undergone transformation – some of us are feeling unsettled, needing to regroup, wanting to find our footing again. I, like much of the world, continue to unfold into new versions of myself – and as chaotic transformation can feel, it also feels vibrant and potent. If you’re feeling the changes, if you’re searching for the truest version of yourself, if you’re looking to lighten the load and feel some inner freedom, I would love to support you.

There is certainly a lot to say, but here is what feels important to share from the start: I am a highly sensitive, deeply empathic, intuitive soul. During Covid-life I have recognized + realized that these skills allow me to be a conduit, a connection, a medium to the world of Divine Love and Guidance that resides just over the very thin veil that so many of us are awakening to and desiring more of.

I’ve been a ‘seeker’ my whole life, always having felt a deep connection to a higher power, to a deeper inner world, and never quite understanding why this world operates the way that it has for so long. My soul has always longed for a different way of being, and let’s just say that hasn’t made things easy (depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, blah blah blah), but thank goodness – I’ve been forced on the fast track to soul-growth and healing. I wouldn’t change a thing. Disclaimer: That’s the highly abbreviated and abridged version, definitely many layers within that statement.

And now, here we are. I know I’m not alone. Many of us are clearer than ever before about the world we want to call in and create – it’s go time.

I’m here to assist others in their own connections to mystery, to self, to source, to loved ones who have passed, to spirit babies not yet met, to the all-encompassing unconditional love that is the heartbeat of this life, this experience of being spirit in human form. We live in a world of energy and we hold more power than we think we do to call forth and create the world we want for the next generation and all who come after that.

While some details of my website are currently under reconstruction in order to catch up with my own changes, I’m still here and available for intuitive readings and channeled writings. Email me at hummingbirdpress@gmail.com OR direct message me on IG @catherinekeating_ .

I’m here for you amid your transformation as well. The world needs us sensitives – we’re the ones who can feel the change that must happen now. We’re the leaders for our future. I’m honored to be on this journey with you. Let’s go.



I’m Catherine Keating, Mother, Author and Intuitive Guide.

How I Can Support You

The expansive inner growth that came during Covid quarantine taught me many things – one being that my journal practice has been offering me more than a simple release of emotions. For quite some time, my sacred practice of dropping into my journal and losing myself into my writing has been a portal to something outside myself. Call it what you will – consciousness, spirit, divine intuition, channeled writing, whatever resonates with you. Trusting my intuition and journaling practices have allowed me the space, clarity, and centered heart to live a truly joyful life. I’ve also learned to access deeper wisdom through other means like the Akashic Records, energy reading, meditation, and using my body’s sensitivity as a beacon for guidance.

If this sounds like something you could use, book your individual clarity session to receive words of wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love from a presence bigger than our own. Allow yourself to step away from the daily grind and the constant uncertainty of these times to remember your truest self. Reconnect with your true nature, your deepest, most original self – the spark of light – the essence of pure, uninhabited Love within you. It’s you, it’s in you, it’s here for you.

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