Transform your
sensitivity into
your superpower

This is where you discover that all of your feelings, all of the overwhelm, all of the exhaustion can be remedied with something very simple: developing an understanding of what you– a highly sensitive person– need to thrive in motherhood and beyond.


I’m Catherine, Author & Self-Care Mentor for Moms

I am devoted to you — thriving, joyful, centered, and clear on how to nurture yourself so you can nurture your littles. Why? Because I’ve found that highly sensitive people like us need extra self-care, and a roadmap to understanding what we need to feel filled up and lit up from the inside out. When we know how to do this, we show up as more present moms, more patient partners, more grounded humans. And it starts with leveraging the biggest power that sensitivity awards us– our intuition. Over the years, I have developed a strong intuition that I allow to guide me as a mother. I engage in daily practices to keep me aligned with my truth, integrity, and heart. I’m a writer, yoga instructor, mother, wife, and seeker of all things beautiful.

I have turned my sensitivity into a superpower.
And I want the same for you.

Love, it’s time to transform your overwhelm into radiance. And I’m here to help. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person working to thrive in this not-so-sensitive world. Walking a thin line between anxiety/depression and a soulful, joyful connection to the Universe has taught me strategies to support my health. Wholehearted wellness in mind, body, and spirit- for each of these is crucial to live the life you dream of.

How I Can Support You

Get hugged by my counsel and a community of like-minded women. My 90-Day Group Program is designed to help you see your sensitivity as a superpower by giving you to the tools to nurture who you are, so that you can be the best mom, partner, and more.
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There was supposed
to be a baby…

THROUGH Grief and