I see you.

Yes, You Can Turn Your Sensitivity into a Superpower.

You, the mama who loves your babies so deeply, you who cares about this world so passionately, you who feels all the feels at a high volume. I see you.

I know how tired you are, I know how much creation you have stored up inside of you, I know how much dreamy time you need, and I know how demanding the daily grind of motherhood can be.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, motherhood can be both incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding – the highs are so high and the lows can be so low.

But to enter the highs – a creative, inspired, love filled place of boundless gratitude, it takes work. Self-care, self-love, self-nourishing practices are essential. Without them, it becomes easy to slip into the lows. I know, because I’ve been there and I’m still on the journey.

Over the years, I’ve developed practices, rituals, and habits to nourish my mind, body, and spirit – so that I can nourish my family with inspiration and grace.

We are so sensitive. We feel it all. We are highly attuned to other people’s needs – sometimes at the cost of our own.

I’m here to guide you to a wellness plan that takes care of YOU. If you want to transform the overwhelm of highly sensitivity into an intuitive superpower, come along with me.

You’ll be surprised how simple shifts can change the way you operate, nurture, and love every day.

I Know What It Feels Like to Be a Highly Sensitive Mom. I’m One Too.

My journey to motherhood began with miscarriages, two babies I desperately wanted but didn’t meet.

Yet, that grief led me through a journey of re-construction. I learned a new normal and I developed a toolkit for moving through life with inspiration. Chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety have woven their way in and out of my life for years.

And people don’t get it. People who are not highly sensitive can’t understand that my brain and all my senses are neurologically programmed to pick up on every minute detail around me. My sensory stimulation is on overdrive – all the time.

It is literally the way I’m made. I can’t turn it off, as much as I would like to.

So I’ve had to develop tools to maintain my physical health, mental stability, and spiritual inspiration. I’ve turned the most challenging part of my being into my most valued asset. I listen to the messages my body sends me – whether it be a stomach ache telling me something is wrong, fatigue reminding me to restore and replenish, or a jittery feeling calling my spirit back to meditation. My finely tuned ‘mother’s intution’ allows me to tap into my children on a deep level – giving me the ability to support them in a holistic manner, being certain their spirits are thriving as well. I prioritize my love affair with the arts, with beauty, with the world around us, as I’ve learned the hard way that if I plow through the monotony of mundane tasks I travel dangerously close to depression. I’ve learned to light up my space on this earth with my sparkle, to access my Divine Light, so that I can show up as the best version of me I can be.

My desire to live fully connected with my mind, body, and spirit led me to write my first book: There Was Supposed To Be a Baby: A guide to healing after pregnancy loss. I’ve created and facilitated workshops and retreats for grieving mothers.

I am a certified yoga instructor, with added certs in yoga for kids and yoga for fertility. Additionally, I hold a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Special Education, and have worked with countless children ages 2-10.

I innately understand what makes children tick, what helps families thrive, and I know firsthand what keeps a HS mama sane. I have been a HS mama since the start of my pregnancy journey, and am in the thick of it with my son (7) and daughter (6).

I created this platform to empower women to honor their sensitivity, nurture it properly, and get the tools to show up as the moms they want to be.