April – all in on intuition

Oh, dear ones – Soften and release this hold you have on what should be or how it should look, but allow yourselves to dive into the bottom of the ocean, feel the splash of the waterfall, sit amid the stars at night and know you are that too.

Oh dear ones. Feel the love of the world unseen, the elders, the teachers, the loved ones who sit just beyond the veil, holding you, knowing you, allowing you to become this next greatest version of you.

Oh dear ones, if only you would stop a little longer, pause in silence a beat more, it would be so clear. The Love. The purpose you bring to this life, the knowing you possess, the arrangement of molecules just so – that you may explode fully and completely as this gift that you are, this massive treasure you bring to the world. You. Yourself. You are the treasure, stop looking around you for someone to see it in you. It is you, and all you must do is let it shine.

Do not be afraid, dear ones, though yes, many of these days and chapters do feel overwhelming. Do not fear. The timing is right, the moments have been unfolding, you are ready for this. You are. Walk with grace. Breathe the breath of life. Be kind to your own heart as you begin the dance anew.

Fresh. Let go of the lessons of these recent days, let go of the compounding list you’ve been keeping. Let go of the image it was supposed to be. Because it wasn’t. And deep down you know that.

If you’ve been attuned to your intuition, it will become louder, more amplified, clearer, and easier to rely on. Easier to trust, despite however random it may feel. Intuition is never random. And if you’ve grown accustomed to ignoring her, that spark, that diving knowing, then she’s still going to get louder, and probably, you’ll become more uncomfortable. You weren’t meant to struggle so fiercely. Life is a beautiful ride when you learn to roll with the waves, feel the tides, and relax into the sound of your own voice.

You, dear one, are precisely, very much exactly who you need to be. Stop the searching. Don’t look for the next guru. No need to step outside yourself for salvation. It is you. You are the answer you seek.

You doubt your power & ability to do these things you desire. But be fearless, now, for in these fresh energies you are divinely guided, always, trust in them more deeply. Do not squash your magnificence for anyone. You have bold action to take – it’s ok. Take it. What may seem strange or random will have a ripple effect in more directions than you know are possible. Holding back your power so that others may feel safe is tragic in the light of the bigger picture of healing.

Dive into the waters of your own knowing. Listen intently. Intuition is never random. Take all you’ve learned and walk into this next chapter with grace infused into each and every cell, and unconditional Love on every step. Trust in the knowledge you are what you seek.

You know much more than you think you do. Drop deeply into your silence. Return to your heart over and over and over again. This is how you change the world.

And so it is.

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