February: Trust the Process

Trust the process, even when it seems absurd, even when you want to run away. Trust the process…And…Hold The Light.

Photo by Dhivakaran S from Pexels

Loves, This is going to be big and bright and bold but first it must seem this mysterious state of in-between, this unknown place, this murky center of deep longing, deep questioning, deep care about what is. What does it mean to be human and who here isn’t wondering this very thing right now.

The world is awakening with new eyes and you’ve got a front row seat, if you’re here, now, reading and digesting, being called to be part of the change. February is a crucial month, energetically speaking (well they all are) but February is a fast track on the accelerated path. February asks us to remain bold in our convictions. To shore up those energetic boundaries. To be diligent about feeding your soul, for it is in your soul that the light is housed, the power is harnessed, the place of peace is at rest – all waiting to be unleashed into the world.

But it may not be quite time yet. Trust the in-between. Trust the healing. This month it grows and grows. This month we might feel pressed to explain ourselves – all the while, there may be no explanation in this moment. The soul knows what the soul wants for expansion – for the chapters coming next.

So – trust this process. Trust what your Soul is whispering to you. It may feel very strange, seemingly random, but when in the depths of Soul, in the language of Spirit, there is no random.

Trust the process.

Great Mystery often can’t be explained to us in a way that makes human sense. Trust the life you are wanting to harness is through this path. Even when you want to run clear to the other side.

You can’t go over it, You can’t go under it, Guess you gotta go through it.

And when it feels too tight, too unknown, too mysterious for your comfort level – Hold. That. Light. You are the process unfolding. That light is the point.

This month, if and when things feel too tight, too constricting, go search out the fun. Surrender and throw your hands up on the roller coaster, knowing laughter and delight can heal the heart in ways nothing else can.

And heal the hearts we must. Our hearts are calling for attention. Our nervous systems are calling for tender loving care. It’s been a long two years for us all, and this month is for healing. Trust the process.

As is within so becomes without. Our hearts are so beautiful and they’ve been through so much. Time to heal. Time to laugh. Time to surrender to these new people we’ve become. Remember, you are guided and protected, always.

Trust the process. And hold the light.

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