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Before adding my end of March/beginning of April thoughts, I need to play a little catch up with a short post, a little something I spat out on Instagram on International Women’s Day when the fire in my belly simply couldn’t jump onto the general ‘yay women’ space the internet was seemingly ready to hold.

Here’s the deal. We women keep being told we’re killing it, so “amazing,” etc etc, and yea yea yea, we are. And also. This archaic patriarchal society would have us believe we should “slay all day” and that’s what it’s all about. But – lean in…secret time….it’s a trap. The productivity as a currency value to keep the machine running. Nope.

I’m out. No thanks to that form of being “amazing.” (that word is one off my pet peeves, btw) Killing it is literally killing us – with fatigue, burn out, disconnection with our sacredness, and abandonment of selves. Not for me.

I’m getting too rambly, so, here’s what I wrote on that Tuesday, March 8. I’m rewriting and posting here as to make my declaration clearer to the Universe. Let’s change things up around here. Who’s with me?

On this International Women’s Day I obviously want to celebrate all the badass women in my life- and I’m blessed to be surrounded by many. At the same time, I am feeling a fire in my belly, no – in my heart – calling me to be clear about one aspect of this day of celebration.

And here it is. I am all done participating in an outdated narrative that promotes achievement at all costs, productivity as the currency in which we measure value. The “slay all day” outpouring of doing, without the necessary complimentary restorative being. I’m done outsourcing my inherent worth to external measures, done with any belief system that denies the limitless connection to Source inside ourselves.


I’m opting out. It’s time to bring in a new narrative, one that honors the fullest magnitude of who we are – The power we possess when we honor our truths regardless of status quo.

So I’ll celebrate the countless achievements women have made in this man’s world we were born into, and I’ll ask for the courage to step into my role as the ancestor future generations need. I’ll continue to slow down, to listen to the wisdom of the pause between the breaths, the eternal knowledge of Mother Earth, and the innate guidance of divine feminine.

It’s time to ignite the magic within us all. There’s no stopping the force of an inspired woman who hasn’t been pushed to depletion but has had the chance to rest and feel the marrow of her own soul. The potential locked inside women around the world that gets squashed out by all the sh*t women are expected to do makes me feel some fairly intense rage. Women all over the world, in all places, deserve the chance to be the full expression of themselves, to lead without fear, and by golly, to take breaks and rest and rejoice in their innate wild sacredness.

That’s what I want to see. Women everywhere – potential completely activated – free to ignite the world with their passions, wisdom, and power. That’s the magic we need.

And there we go.

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