hip hip hooray for may

May! It’s May! I want to shout it from the rooftops and dance in the street – oh how I love May. I love May for so many reasons, but most especially, it always feels like a woooooosh of fresh energy coming through, reminding me suddenly of my eternal and relentless passion for the juiciness of life. It feels so icky to me when that passion gets misplaced or hides for a spell, so when it returns, I am nothing but grateful, grateful, GRATEFUL.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who breathed a longgggg sigh of relief when Saturday’s eclipse finished its thing and the clarity and freshness of the new wave of energy began tickling my heart. Phew – back to the juiciness for me. I settled into the freshness, opened my heart, put my pen to paper, and began to write. Here’s the message that came through to share.

Awaken to the light within you and the clarity light shines on all things. Awaken to the movement of the stars, the vibration of Earth moving beneath your feet, the call of the wind that whistles in your ear. And know – all these things are love. As are you.

Awaken to the understanding that much of what we’ve been told is love was not. Many times our impression of love was more the compression of fear placed upon ourselves for the order of man-made creation – not the natural order of the world, for in the world of nature, the natural order is only love.

Be at peace, dear soul, for the world for which you are searching is here, now, if only you open your heart to see. This longing that has rested in you, coming out from time to time as anger, frustration, despondency – all of it – this doesn’t have to run your life, or ruin your life, whatever way you view it.

You have the power, within you, to live in the world of your dreams, the exquisitely gorgeous place you know is true. This May energy shifts you into a full realization of that power. Ask for guidance from the wisdom of the land. Connect your feet into soil. Let the water lap over your feet.

Truly, darling, we say to you again. Love is the truth of this life and the divine truth is awakening in so many. We are opening our eyes to the possibility that awaits when we reject the separation placed upon us and embrace our God-given right to be fully, completely, freely Spirit in Human form.

This month brings a peaceful power. A confirmation that yes, dear soul, yes – we are more than this, there is so much more to this, and yes. You are here, now, in this deliberate moment, for all of this. Yes. You are here for a life that pulses of the extraordinary. You are here to radiate your light, so blindingly, that others will either have to shield their eyes or open their hearts and join you. This is the shift we are asking for. This is the peaceful, powerful energy we have been asking for – to ignite the Souls of others, to ignite the passions tickling from our head to our feet, to let our love spread like wildfire and bring the heaven on earth feeling/place/hope/dream – R E A L I T Y – into our hearts, minds, spirits, bodies, LIVES…now.

Of course, anger, frustration, sadness – all these come up over and over again – we are humans after all, but these days we are being handed full power to allow them to move through, to process, to settle into our beings as a higher form than before. We have total access to our power. It’s up to you to claim it.

May brings a freshness, a clarity, a conviction that this is the way. May brings honesty, crispy truth, knowledge we don’t have to align with anything that isn’t truly love. May gives us the power of divine love in all forms.

Be well, take good care of your physical being as it welcomes in this new light, and be ready for the miracles that await when every cell of your body is aligned with the purpose of Love and Creation.

What a miracle to be alive.

As I was coming out of meditation and finishing this up, the Death Cab for Cutie song “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” was playing inside my head with this particular line in bold print flashing like a neon sign in my mind’s eye. “And I held my tongue as she told me, ‘Son, fear is the heart of love,’ so I never went back.” If we need a May message I think that’s it. If someone tells you fear is the heart of love, call it on the bullshit it is and don’t go back.

Hip, hip, hooray … It’s May.

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