You there. Yes, you. I am so glad. So glad, so grateful, so honored that you have found your way here, with me. If you’ve made your way into this space, chances are you’ve been wondering just how exactly you are going to manage. Perhaps you are wondering if you are depressed, curious if others feel the same anxiety as you do, searching for answers because you know there has got to be an easier way. Motherhood certainly doesn’t feel like you expected it to, and the constant assault of Instagram pics and expert advice only makes you feel worse.

There may not be an ‘easier’ way, but there certainly is a way to move through ease. Trust me, I know, it is often a challenge to be the person who feels as much as we do.

So. Instead of exerting copious amounts of energy on preserving your well-being (on all levels), let’s shift the paradigm. I’ve done it, and you can do it too.

I am hoping that you can remember a time you felt like you were thriving – in your zone – in your sacred space. A time when life felt like it was flowing, instead of each moment being such a monumental struggle. You can find your way back to that place. If you never felt the flow – not to worry – we will find your way.

Like all good things, it begins with intention. My intention for you is the same as I wish for myself. Peace in the mind. Peace in the body. Peace in the spirit. My hope for you here in this space is to find yourself surrounded by people, tools, wisdom, and actions that will allow to you quiet the outside world until you hear your own inner voice. And I wish for you the confidence to listen to that voice. To act on the message it tells you, and to move forward into peace, into ease, into a life of flow.

One day at a time, one next right action at a time, is the only way forward. Taking one breath, one moment at a time is the only way we will find our footing, walk with grace, and invite in the life we deserve.

Tiny steps, mama, tiny steps. I promise from the bottom of my heart that the tiny steps make a big difference.

Where to start? For today’s tiny step, consider stepping completely away from social media today. All of it. Turn off the IG, the FB, the SnapChat, the Pinterest, and who knows what else. Turn. It. Off. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and I will say it again. Take a social media break.

You do not need to check in with other people’s lives to know how to live yours. Being so highly sensitive, you (and I) are apt to pick up the energy of other people, other images, other messages more deeply than most. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is. We also need to conserve our energy reserves more completely than others do. Again. Not good, not bad, just is. But in order to fully protect that energy, we must be able to turn off the messaging around us.

The more I silence my social media, the more I can hear my own thoughts, feel my own heart, know deeply and truly what is real for me and for my family. Give it a try. Notice what happens when you let go of scrolling and absorbing other opinions, advice, images, words, and intentions. Silence the outer world so that you can hear your own wisdom rise to the top. Prioritize your own deep inner knowing.

One day at a time. One step at a time. Little by little, as we tune in to the listening, to the inner awareness, as we fine tune our senses to the frequencies within ourselves, we hear our own messages more clearly. We start to get directions for the next right step on our deeply personal journey.

My hope today is that can find the quiet places in your soul that speak your truth. As soon as I press ‘publish’ here, I’m turning off the exterior world myself. Time to renew, replenish, and remember. Much love to you.

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