January: Inner Truths

When I sat in sacred silence earlier this month and asked the universe for a message to begin the start of this new year, this 2022, my pen touched down on paper and these are the words that came through. As generally always happens, the words recorded through intuitive writing matched the theme of the card I pulled after meditation.

These words came through a couple weeks ago, but as life goes, I’m only now getting to the sharing part. But as I’ve learned, there isn’t a linear schedule in soul-time, which means there’s no such thing as “too late.”

Seated, in silence, envision a cord running from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head. See it, feel it, hear it buzz, whatever form knowing takes for you. Connect with this cord and give it a name, for this is the cord of knowledge for you.

We all possess this cord, this passageway from the deep knowing of the earth all the way to the eternal wisdom of the stars. We have this knowledge buried in our DNA and for so long we have been taught to ignore it.

No longer. No more can we ignore this cord of light, the beacon of hope, this connection to all that will ever be. We are intrinsic to this lineage, we are part and parcel to the beckoning of higher awareness.

And we are being called back. Now. Being called back to the places we have forgotten, the long lost wisdom embedded in our cells. Some of us have been hearing this call a long time. Have been listening, attuning, aligning with that voice only we can hear.

Sometimes it has felt like salmon swimming upstream, sometimes a path forged through a new found jungle, swiping away again and again at what doesn’t serve you until, at last, the path is clear and you may start.

But now, this season. The truth gets bolder, the choices clearer, and we are being asked, over and over again, to call in higher powers, to tap into our soul’s knowing, to trust, to believe, to make decisions over and over again that lead you to your own liberation.

As was said so long ago: “The truth shall set you free.”

But let’s be clear. There isn’t one truth for all. This original phrase wasn’t about a belief in one almighty truth we must all bow to, acquiesce to. No. The truth in discussion here is that of your inner awareness. The truth of the heart. The conscious decision to align head with heart and heart with soul, regardless of what others tell you to do.

The time is ripe and the energy is primed right now to heighten your experience of listening to your own knowing. To find answers within, not from the external. The truth will set you free. Your truth will set you free.

Be bold in your integrity. It’s a season of growth in this way, and yes, you’ll reap the benefits later. But don’t do it for that purpose alone. Trust your highest healing good is guiding you and go forth on your walk.

We need you. We need your truth. Be clear in intention and be open in heart. These are potent times we’re in. Thank you.

Thank you for showing up, yet again. We are grateful.

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