Joy. It’s yours to claim.

When the daily doings over ride the soul’s connection to joy, it is time for the daily doings to stop. There comes a time when joy takes priority, when laughing saves us, when silliness must take over the soul.

I don’t mean the superficial ‘happy’ stuff we try to cling to – I mean the deep, connective, universal Joy that marries us to Divine Love, that forgets all timelines, that leads us from constriction to unlimited opportunity. Happiness and Joy are two separate entities. They are not interchangeable. Happiness is ephemeral – if that external thing that is giving us happiness is taken away – the happiness (in it’s current form) disappears. Joy. Joy is a spark of the divine within us, a fire in our soul that can never be extinguished, no matter what the circumstance.

The resonance of joy is a sacred vibration.

I’m fresh off a weekend with dear friends – 20 year old friendships, the kind that don’t need much upkeep, just a few check-ins and intermediate weekends of sun, laughter, wine, stories, good food… I really needed this weekend. I hadn’t realized how very much I needed this weekend. While my natural disposition is rather cheery, I can get serious. So serious. Needing to check all the boxes and be constantly convinced I’ve not done enough kind of serious.

My neck had been so tight I could barely move it, the back of my head so constricted my thoughts were foggy, my reaction to most requests “I don’t have time for that” and immediate overwhelm. My spirits were low, words like ‘failure’ were starting to creep in again. I wasn’t having fun and everything felt hard. I needed time away – a reminder that I was so much more than a mom who does it all, but also just a person. Just a fun person, truly, a really fun person, who was getting lost in the muck of life.

Life is hard people. It is. There’s really no way around it. There will never NOT be an endless list of things that need doing, there will never not be heartbreak, but when I’m resonating in the frequency of Joy, I know I’m in alignment. Joy reminds us there is no finish line. There is here and now, and there is whatever frequency you are putting out into this here and now. Nothing else. And, your frequency contributes to the frequency of your family, your community, it aligns with the soul of the world.

So should joy take priority? Absolutely.

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