September: Slow Down to Move Forward

September! I’m ready. I think. I’m back from a summer hiatus, stepping away from some areas and focusing internally on aligning and strengthening my nervous system. Much of my summer was an inside out situation, but I’m feeling read to start sharing again. A little bit. I have a couple new projects in the works, and I’m excited to watch them bloom. Annnnyyyyywayyyyy, as my chatty little girl likes to say, I did feel called to share a September message that came through to my journal the other morning. Hope it lands in your heart with love.

Yes, it is, the inevitable shift of season changing both the internal and external landscapes of the heart and of how we move through the world. Have you felt it yet? The beckoning to slow yourself, to steady the pace, to come back inward from the high season of summer and all summers glory? Have you felt the call of the inner Earth asking for a little more attention, for a luscious pause, for a connection with the in between of moments, the grounding of time and space, the earthing of color and direction and dreams.

It’s here, this call into fall and with it an invitation. An ask from the universe. A request, a plea, a direction if you will – Slow down.

Slow down to move forward. No more can you maintain the rush that allows for distraction, but in this season we find ourselves needing to pull back. To simplify. To find a rhythm that works for the soul. As the winds pick up and leaves start to fall, they whisper their secrets along the way – let go into the nothingness and you become everything.

Maintain your peace, using tools already aligned with also inviting new rituals and intentions. Walk in nature. Smell the dirt. How can you harvest the fertile seeds of your soul?

It is a slowing time, this September, not to be feared, but to be revered, adored, honored, loved. Return to the fertile soil of your soul and feel the expansion taking place. Bow deeply to the earth and notice how she takes her time.

Where can you go deeper? Where can you let go? Where can you trust the Earth to hold you as you slowly pad your way forward, each step taking an indeterminate quantity of time, standing, feeling, connecting, resolving, shedding, steadying, and then – breathe – exhale, and one step more.

Slow down to move forward.

This month brings a gentleness, a comfortable resting spot while all the fragments come back together in love, harmony, and peace. Do not rush the teachings of this time, but marinate in them, allow them their space, and keep your hearts connected, open and free.

There is more rushed chaos to come, of course, and so this month provides a respite to regain strength, harmony, and awareness. Feel it in every cell before you move on. Peace.

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