Give yourself the gift of clarity.

My mission is to help heal people find freedom through Unconditional Love. The exterior world pummels us with many distractions – distractions that often send us into a forgetfulness of our inner sanctuary, the peacefulness and connectedness that resides in the innermost sanctum of the heart. We forget we are already complete, perfectly enough, exactly aligned just as we are, and so we spend our days scurrying about trying to do enough to find that elusive glimmer of peace we so desperately crave.

Yet, here’s the secret – We can set ourselves free from the hamster wheel. We can hop off the unending cycles of beliefs that keep us stuck, we can embrace our connection to all things, and we can belong to ourselves. With a regulated nervous system and a grounded trust in our own intuition, we are free to know ourselves in our highest healing good. And from this state we can set ourselves free from separateness, from debilitating beliefs, from all that keeps us functioning as less than we truly are – divine souls having an exquisite human experience.

My journey as a Highly Sensitive Empath allows me to feel every interaction and moment with detail and compassion, and also offers the opportunity for me to feel into other people, their journeys, and what their soul or their highest healing good or their spirit team helpers might want them to know at any given time. While ultimately, the journey of self-discovery, that pathway to inner freedom, must begin within, sometimes it can help to know there is a team cheering you on. There are many ways to connect with your team, and if I can be of service in the ways that I know how, I would be honored. I know, from the very depths of my being, that the more people who awaken to their true nature – to the divinity that runs through us all – the less suffering there will be as a whole.   

Questions? Please email me here.

Service Offerings: 

A Channeled MessageSpirit is always talking to us, but sometimes it takes a little help to hear the message. By tapping into your energy field and accessing the connection between the world of spirit that we can feel in our hearts and the earthly world we stand on, I channel the message your soul needs at the time. My channeling technique uses writing to access the divine message – I will email the letter to you when it is completed. This letter also includes a more general energy reading as well as oracle cards pulled for your messages specifically. Energy exchange: $108.00 

Personalized Guided MeditationDone similarly to the channeled message, I will write a meditation specifically attuned to your needs at the moment. This meditation can be delivered through writing or we can set up a zoom call or phone call to talk through it. Energy Exchange: $33.00

Ask Me Anything!Looking for a quick check-in with your spirit guides or a fast answer to a burning question? Email me ( with your question and I will respond as soon as I am able. Energy Exchange: $20.00

ReikiIt’s no longer “woo-woo hogwash” to understand everything around us is energy. That’s what it is. Our world is a world of energy. Reiki is a universal healing energy that can help the flow of life-force energy and can help open the places that are stuck. Reiki can be done in person or remotely. Currently offering 45 minute sessions. Energy Exchange: $45.00

Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss SupportIf you’ve recently experienced a miscarriage and you are feeling lost or hopeless, or perhaps unsure of how to walk forward, I wrote my book There Was Supposed To Be a Baby: A Guide to Healing After Pregnancy Loss for you. Available on Amazon or email me directly. 14.95 + shipping and handling

GhostwritingIt’s not sexy, but from time to time it needs doing. Has someone asked you to write a letter of recommendation? Did you recently join a group that wants your bio? Need to construct a description for a product or event but the words just aren’t coming? I’ll write it for you. Energy Exchange: time dependent – $20.00-$40.00

Zoom Follow Ups Sometimes a follow up conversation can help clear up remaining questions or confusions. Energy Exchange: $60/hour

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To schedule any one of these services and to discuss payment options, please email me at or Direct Message me on Instagram @cnkeating_

Much love to you.

I highly recommend working with Catherine. Her insight has been so helpful and the clarity I received from our session has helped me view the more challenging situations in my life in a new light. Her kind and caring demeanor can be felt through her writing, which is beautiful in and of itself. She writes in a loving way which honors your highest good, making the whole experience a positive one. She truly has a gift!! If you are seeking support for anything in your life, ask Catherine for a session! She is a wonderful healer and intuitive. Rachel
Catherine’s reading came to me at the most perfect time when I was trying to figure out what my next profession/role would be. Not only have I felt a weight lift, I feel I have received divine into that has helped center my soul for the highest good. I feel uplifted, joyful, and a greater sense of peace. Beyond grateful!!! Jennifer
I reached out to Catherine seeking guidance about a career change. I’ve been struggling to find purpose and meaning in my life and wanted to try a new avenue for perspective. I sent Catherine a short summary of my objective and one week later she provided me with a thoughtful and intuitive analysis that also brought in a message from a departed loved one. It was honestly a life altering experience to read the support and advice from loved ones who were so important to me. Catherine was able to capture and communicate this in a genuine and nurturing way that helped me. I absolutely hope more people reach out to her for help. Joe

DISCLAIMER: This should go without saying, but just in case it isn’t clear, everything that comes up during these consultations is entirely confidential. Once I have confirmation that you’ve received your individual packet, I delete it from my computer, so it is yours alone. 

As we are asking only for information for the highest healing good, there is no judgment or opinion on my part, and nothing is wrong or right on your end. This time spent and the messages that emerge are only for healing, and only between you and source.