Give yourself the gift of clarity.

Book a soul reading with me to help identify the blocks hidden under the surface, keeping you from living the full hearted+deeply connected life you know is within reach. It is possible – when we tap into a place beyond ourselves and outside our daily habits, into the realm of source, of spirit, of a deeper knowing, we can unearth truths that free us from the confines we’ve been living inside.  

Email me here to schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss details and any questions you may have.

How it works: 

All I need from you is your full name, permission to connect with your energy + Spirit, and a brief description of your inquiry or desire for clarity. 

With that information, I will set aside time on my end (you don’t need to do anything) to connect with Source, Spirit, the Akashic Records, and anything else that might be appropriate for you as a means of writing a channeled message, specifically for you. 

What you’ll receive:

When I have finished receiving messages that come through for you, I will transfer them into written format. You can expect a photograph of any oracle cards I choose for you, written notes about the messages that come through, and a channeled letter. You may also receive suggested practices, specific to your life and needs, as a method to maintain alignment and clarity as you travel through your days. These may include a video link to guided meditations, yoga asanas, breathing techniques, mantras, and a variety of other techniques for grounding or centering. Each clarity session and subsequent information is tailored to your individual situation and needs, so every product is different. 

From there, if you’d like, we can schedule a 30 minute follow up, via Zoom, to connect and discuss the information that came through and clarify any questions or issues you may have.


Clarity Reading + Letter  – $125

Follow Up Energy Work, Phone/Zoom consults, Individualized Meditations: Anything beyond the initial soul reading will be charged at my hourly rate of 80$/hour.  

If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss what your session might look like, or if you have any further questions, please email me at to set up a time to chat.

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I highly recommend working with Catherine. Her insight has been so helpful and the clarity I received from our session has helped me view the more challenging situations in my life in a new light. Her kind and caring demeanor can be felt through her writing, which is beautiful in and of itself. She writes in a loving way which honors your highest good, making the whole experience a positive one. She truly has a gift!! If you are seeking support for anything in your life, ask Catherine for a session! She is a wonderful healer and intuitive. Rachel
Catherine’s reading came to me at the most perfect time when I was trying to figure out what my next profession/role would be. Not only have I felt a weight lift, I feel I have received divine into that has helped center my soul for the highest good. I feel uplifted, joyful, and a greater sense of peace. Beyond grateful!!! Jennifer
I reached out to Catherine seeking guidance about a career change. I’ve been struggling to find purpose and meaning in my life and wanted to try a new avenue for perspective. I sent Catherine a short summary of my objective and one week later she provided me with a thoughtful and intuitive analysis that also brought in a message from a departed loved one. It was honestly a life altering experience to read the support and advice from loved ones who were so important to me. Catherine was able to capture and communicate this in a genuine and nurturing way that helped me. I absolutely hope more people reach out to her for help. Joe

DISCLAIMER: This should go without saying, but just in case it isn’t clear, everything that comes up during these consultations is entirely confidential. Once I have confirmation that you’ve received your individual packet, I delete it from my computer, so it is yours alone. 

As we are asking only for information for the highest healing good, there is no judgment or opinion on my part, and nothing is wrong or right on your end. This time spent and the messages that emerge are only for healing, and only between you and source.