“Catherine’s reading somehow managed to both reassure and to challenge me in a time in my life when I needed both. I spend most of my day in my head ensuring I have plans to address any and all future problems, but Catherine’s encouragement to pay attention to my heart and be open to unknowable future possibilities has helped me become more present in my day to day life as a father and provider. No matter where you are in your life or what you have next in store for you, I think Catherine can help you find yourself and your way.”

– Brett

Catherine’s wisdom both grounded me and set me in motion. She has an incredible gift – perceiving and intuiting parts of my journey which I have not even found words for. To feel seen and known is remarkably empowering. I am so grateful!”

– Krista

Catherine is able to let messages come straight through from the Divine, providing my spirit and whole being with the validation, affirmation, and confirmation I have known for lifetimes, but as a person on earth today always wanted to hear.  It was a specific message I really needed to know right now.  An answer to my prayers and questions.  She channels with a clear communication from spirit and is able to step out of the way so that the letter is clear and true.I feel like I have been waiting to hear these words my entire life. This letter that she was able to receive for me is the greatest gift I could have ever gotten.  Each word resounded like the truest Yes. And my entire life path will be guided by these words from this day on.  I am eternally grateful for this communication and I feel my path as a healer, and even just as a person, will be blessed and guided by these words.

– Kiki