The What and The How.

What is Automatic Writing?

And, maybe more importantly, why should we do it?

If you’re reading this/watching this video you’re probably curious – what, exactly, is automatic writing? And why should we do it? And how? And what will this workshop be like anyway? 

I’ll try to explain. And I’ll attempt to do so in a way that feels like something all of us can do – because it is.

First of all, we are all intuitive – every baby is born with connection to self and source. We all have an inner guidance, an inner voice that allows us to know what the next right step is for us. Many of us have been taught to ignore that voice, to silence it with ‘reason and facts,’ to be certain everything makes sense and follows a certain order. And so we often ignore the quiet tapping of our soul, instead, assuming the voice in our mind has the answers. The problem with this logic, the messages our soul wants us to hear, may not follow a particular order. Will not necessarily be what we want to hear with our ears- but our hearts will know the message is true. And it is so incredibly important to listen to those messages. The heart ones. Even when they’re hard. 

Often, when we start to realize we’ve been trained NOT to listen to our intuition, when we’ve become adept at ignoring the quiet longing of our soul, we may feel cut off from our inner knowing. We may start to wonder how to connect more deeply, how to get quiet and listen.  But we might not know where or how to start.

Or, maybe you know you’re intuitive. Maybe you’ve tried all the things – meditation, yoga, breathwork, nature walks, etc… and don’t connect with any of them. Maybe you’ve always had a deep meditation practice but recently find it isn’t working the way it used to. Maybe you’re just plain old curious and want to explore new modalities so here you are reading about the process of automatic writing.

Well here we go. 

Automatic writing, channeled writing, soul writing, intuitive writing, whatever you call it. It’s my jam. 

This is writing that doesn’t come from the head but the heart. Or, one might say, from the soul. We could even go a step further and say that this is a form of writing that comes through as a message from Spirit, or Source Energy, or however you feel God. 

This is the writing that shares truth with you. This is writing that settles into every cell as wisdom that you already know but forgot. This is the good stuff. It is writing that comes through you, not FROM you. It’s a conscious turning off of the mind’s busy-ness and allowing a softer voice to speak through you, to you.

So how, then? What do we do?

Well, I personally have a few different ways to access the quiet mind that allows me access, but I’ll share one particular method with you during this workshop. 

We will spend the first portion of our time together getting present, feeling our bodies ground into the earth, noticing our breathing, all the things to get out of our daily to-do and enter into the world of great mystery. After relaxing into our breath, I will offer a guided meditation coming from my own channeled writing practice, designed to take us deeper into our own meditative spaces, more aligned and ready to access our inner voices. 

At that point, we can begin the writing portion. 

After a period of time of writing without thinking, but simply allowing whatever needs to come forth to arise, there will come a time when you know you’re complete and the message that needs to emerge has. When we’re all there, we will close the circle together and call it a night. 

Don’t worry – the entire process is meant to be relaxed, informal, I won’t ask you to share with the group, this is just for you. This is a moment in time designed to allow you to connect with your higher self, your divinity, your intuition.

Looking forward to entering this space with you.

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