What would you say it is you do here? (Q+A format)

Answering the question “What do you do?” (for work) has been challenging for me in recent years, as it’s been a hodgepodge of services to the world, without a definitive title. I’ve done a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but often when asked that seemingly simple inquiry, I freeze up. Especially if it comes from a person who I fear will assume I’m completely nuts and perhaps not want their kids around me, just in case I might sprinkle too much woo into their hot cocoa. For the record, I promise I’m completely kid-safe, in fact, kids are some of my very most favorite individuals to talk with and I deeply enjoy spending time with all the little ones who wander through my world.

Anyhow. In an effort to explain what it is I do around here I’ve tried to pull together an imaginary conversation based on bits and pieces of real conversations. I hope this helps to make the matter more tangible – for both of us.

Q: What would you say it is that you do here?

A: Intuitive Writing for your soul. 

Q: Hm. Tell me more. What does that even mean?

A: I sit with your energy and your soul and feel. And when I move myself aside and allow Unconditional Love of the Universe to flow through me, I receive the messages your soul needs to hear. I transmit it through writing, basically journaling on behalf of you, and the end result is a letter for your soul, an offering of healing and Divine Wisdom. Intuitive Guidance for your Soul in the form of a written letter.

Q: Um. How?

A: Over a series of twists and turns and teachers and discoveries and lessons and a lifelong spiritual journey – chapters that have included chronic health issues, depression, miscarriages, adrenal fatigue, and panic attacks, in addition to my gorgeous life of extreme fortune, joy, privilege, and grace, I discovered that for me to feel healthy, whole, and vibrant I absolutely must be in alignment with my body, mind, and spirit. 

Because of my extremely sensitive nature, both physically and emotionally, I’ve had to learn how to care for myself in a number of different ways, always listening to the wisdom of my inner voice. While I have experimented with and learned from a variety of healing modalities, the one constant through it all has been my journal. I’ve been journaling since I was a tiny five year old and knew, even then, that when I set my pen to paper and began the flow that I was in communion with something bigger than myself. 

During the course of this Covid time I’ve learned that my journaling practice works not only for myself, but for others as well. Through a form of meditation + access to the Akashic Records + highly sensitive intuition + divinely led journaling, I can record, for you, the guidance your soul needs to hear, the messages the universe wants to send your way so that you can connect with your highest healing good.

Q: So you’re a psychic? Like a fortune teller?

A: I’m not a huge fan of the label “psychic” even though in truth, we all have psychic abilities (we’ve just turned them off), because it brings a negative connotation. And no, I can’t tell you your future. Two main issues get in the way there – 1) free will – ultimately, I could tell you the things you need to hear, but YOU make the final decisions in your life, and 2) changing timelines. The universe is always changing and no two moments are the same, so I cannot tell you what your future holds. I can only access the present moment, but, if we want to get deeper into all this, everything is a continuous present-now-moment anyhow so…but that’s a conversation for another time.

Q: If I let you do this for me will you find out weird things about me? 

A: No. The only information I can access is the messages your soul wants me to have at the time, things that are pertinent to your healing in that moment. Chances are, that doesn’t include that super crazy year you had in 2004 that you don’t want brought up again. Although, just so you know, there’s no judgment at all in the world of soul-work. There’s no “good” and “bad” or “right” or “wrong,” there just is. And truly, at the end of the day, it’s all for love. 

Q: What do you do with the information when we are finished? 

A: Well, the messages that come through are privileged information for you and you alone, so I do not share anything with others. (Unless, of course, you want me to.) As for the paper trail, the notes, guided visions, and letters, I burn the physical paper, and periodically erase all letters off my computer. 

Gossip has never been my thing and never will be. I’ve been keeping people’s secrets since I was little – this too goes into my vault of private information and never to be shared. 

Like patient/caregiver confidentiality.

Q: Why tho? Why do you spend your days writing these things? Isn’t there something more valuable to do with your time?

A: This could be a very long answer but I’ll try to keep it brief.

I do this because the world needs it. Because I believe whole-heartedly in healing one person at a time. Once we can feel and access the Unconditional Love that is our birthright, our true nature, we can live in this world as the highest versions of ourselves, unencumbered by the fear we aren’t enough, by the desire to prove our value. We are enough as is, simply because we exist as Love. And then, when we can view, see, feel, those around us and then everyone we meet as an extension of that same unconditional Love, we heal. We start by healing ourselves, and end up healing the collective. 

So I’d say that’s a valuable way to spend my time.

Q: If you could tell people just one thing about (why this matters) what would it be?

A: I’ve had the immense privilege and honor to get to feel how other people exist in this world. How they feel in their bodies, what their brains absorb as important information, how they access their intuition, their pain points, challenges, and strengths. And we are all incredibly unique. The way YOU perceive the world through all your senses and modalities is very different to the way your best friend does,  or your partner, your mother, or even your least favorite human. So one person’s truth could be quite different from yours…and neither of you are wrong. You could be perceiving the exact same thing differently.

While we each are feeling and walking through this world with entirely different sensory mechanisms, we are also inextricably connected as sentient beings on this earth. The one constant string that unites each and every one of our unique beings is the Unconditional Love we are made of. The same Love that resides in me resides in you and resides in that same least favorite human of yours, the person that irks you to your core, who you cannot understand how she possibly could believe what she believes. 

When we can learn to see our true essence, when we can feel that Love from one to another, that’s when true healing on this planet begins. We are all Love. Every. Last. One. Of. Us. 

Q: Explain more, please. Examples of this “we each perceive the world differently” situation, please.

A: Well, I spent my first 20 some years of my life assuming everyone else was walking around with a heart completely out in the open, picking up the feelings and emotions of others like velcro. I assumed others had days to just cry the feelings of the world.  I assumed everyone spoke directly to Spirit and had a hard time feeling her feet on the ground because her head was always in the sky.

When my early 20s taught me that wasn’t the case, I was shocked. And beyond shocked, I decided there was something terribly wrong with me that other people could live life in a way that seemed so foreign to me. I decided I was doing everything wrong and would need to figure out how to be perfect, fit in, and improve myself.

Well, that didn’t work. 

Enter oh so much healing and journeying to figure out how I would, in fact, be able to live in this (very much not sensitive) world as an extremely sensitive being without crumbling.

(spoiler alert: I did crumble. Over and over again.)

As I got older I began to understand many different perspectives and ways to live a life, but it wasn’t until I began doing this particular form of healing work that learned, first hand, that we each TRULY (literally, as my kids would say) feel information differently in our bodies +  process sensory messages differently, and therefore we can’t possibly perceive or feel the same situation in the exact same way.

Some of us are old souls and have been at this journey of remembrance for many lifetimes. Some of us are newbies to this game and are just noticing ‘well hot damn I think there might be more to this life than what we see.’

I’ve felt the world as a grounded, rooted tree trunk, so physically connected to my legs that nothing could shake me. I’ve spent time in an energy that was so equally balanced between heart space and head space that I could simultaneously problem solve in my brain and feel the intuitive knowing in my heart. One person had such a clear and direct line of vision that I could feel an exact position in her head where the information entered and I could feel the calm that came with having a physical body that didn’t respond drastically to every single stimuli. There’s been a being who felt like a spritely fairy nymph, one who was a direct extension of the nature around her  – no separation between her body and her land, one who needed to stand back and let her higher self congratulate her on the immense amount of growth she has accomplished, one who needed to hear her gone too soon dad say “it’s ok. I’ve got you.” I’m telling you, we are all taking in this world with our own special lens, stories, and places of alignment.

How beautiful is that?

And the double edged beauty of it too – not only can I offer aching hearts some solace, but every time I step into these energies I receive some healing as well – a little more of that universal Love pours into my cup and allows me to overflow with the abundance of clear vision and knowing and love.

Q: So if you’re able to feel the world through other people’s energy bodies, does that mean you can hop around and find out what’s going on inside of us any old time?

A: No. A) That would be unethical. I need your permission to access this soul-level information. B) That would be exhausting and I’m tired enough as is. And C) It just doesn’t work like that.

Q: Why this letter writing? How did it come to this service?

A: Again. This could be an incredibly long and winding answer about discovering that feeling the world as an HSP a real thing and it causes real exhaustion and real pain and where it went from there. 

***Note to my HSPs out there: it’s not in your head – just an FYI in case that’s you and you’re wondering WTF is wrong with me? Answer – there’s nothing wrong with you, and no, you aren’t supposed to be doing the same thing as your friend, your life has a different direction to take, and I promise, if you dive deeply into that direction beautiful things will come. Furthermore, just because your body, mind, and spirit shut down with overwhelm more quickly than the average bear, leaving you, perhaps, less ‘productive’ than others, you are in no way less valuable than any one else. We need your sensitivity. Please don’t hide it away.*** 

Anywho. Figuring out that navigating this world as an HSP was an art unto itself and how to take ‘self-care’ to a whole new level became a passion area for me. And then, as I began decoding how I wanted to define myself as ‘mom,’ how much I desperately needed to unwind from the matrix of the American “good mom,” I realized I had a lot to offer moms who find themselves in a similar spot. I created a curriculum to lead other overwhelmed, sensory over-loaded moms from feelings of suffocating inside the quest for ‘enough’ to a place of freedom within herself. I took the business mastermind course, I had it all planned out, my kids would finally be in school full time, ahhhh it was time.

And then a global pandemic shut the world down, and that included schools. Long story short, I let go (again), released more expectations, and spent a lot of quality time with my introverted self.

And here we are. Turns out my soul’s calling is to write 1:1 intuitive guidance for people. To help individuals heal one a time. To offer others the peace, clarity, joy, acceptance, and relentless Love we are meant to know. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: 108$. The process takes me about three hours from start to finish, which breaks down to 36$ an hour. In return, you get “the words I’ve been waiting to hear, the exact message I needed to validate my experience, delivered just how I needed it, and now I feel like I can walk forward more fully myself.” One letter that speaks to your soul, that gets straight to the heart of the matter, perhaps taking the place of hours and years and pain of searching for meaning and affirmation.

I’d say that’s a bargain. 

Q: Can you quickly sum all this up?

Sure. By using my highly attuned intuition, I’m able to get straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve been talking to something higher than myself but also very much inside myself (the divine outside and inside) since I was a child. With that, I have spent most of my life feeling like a weirdo to the world but very at home in myself. When Covid arrived and changed the face of how we interacted with the world, I finally felt at home in that world. Suddenly everyone was vulnerable and people quickly shed the layers that didn’t serve them anymore. Ironically, by not seeing many people in physical form, I found more people who interacted with the world similarly as I. I also learned new techniques, practiced familiar healing modalities, got deep and deeper still, then realized the world needs us to show up as we are, and here we are.

I’m a licensed yoga teacher, fertility yoga teacher, reiki attuned, special education trained teacher, early childhood learning teacher, mother, writer, wife, household manager, director of activities, lover, dreamer, and all the rest.

So this is what I do in the world. I am a healer, at your service.

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